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In addition to teaching, I am a prolific musician, participating in concerts, recording music in the studio, writing original music, and arranging popular tunes for string instruments. Here are some examples of my work. 


Master's Degree Recital

In April 2023 I had the distinct privilege of giving my final collegiate recital to graduate from the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. I performed works by Bach, Bartok, and this beautiful sonata by Brahms.



My most recent original composition titled Meditations was completed in the spring of 2023. I layered dozens of violin tracks playing harmonics to write a spectralism-inspired piece. The unpredictable sound swells create a meditative atmosphere. 

Connor Madsen at work in the recording studio
Album cover for Sofia Calderwood's record "The Same God"
The Same God


Sofia Calderwood's "Same God"

Back in 2021 I was contacted by a local singer who wanted some string parts in her new song. I wrote a string arrangement and recorded the violin and viola parts in the studio with her to create this gorgeous piece. 


Levi Maliwauki's "Into the Blue"

One of my first collaborations with a singer-songwriter was in 2018 with Levi Maliwauki for his debut album "Into the Blue." I helped him write some string parts, and appear on several tracks on the album, but my favorites are the two waltzes as the feature prominent violin solos. 

The artwork for Levi Maliwauki's album "Into the Blue"
Your Waltz
Waltz | Refine
The first page of the score for Connor Madsen's arrangement of the Forest Gump Main Theme by Alan Silvestri


Custom Arrangement: Forest Gump

One of the weddings I played at recently requested the Forest Gump Theme as part of the ceremony because it was special for the bride and groom. My quartet and I couldn't find the piece in string quartet form, so I charged a small fee to custom arrange this lovely melody for their important day. 

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