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Connor Madsen performs a solo recital


60 min - $70
45 min - $55
30 min - $40

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  • Mon - Thurs 9 am - 9 pm CST

  • Fri 9 am - 6 pm CST

  • Sat 10 am - 4 pm CST

Remote Options

Now offering Virtual and Hybrid lessons! For health/safety or convenience reasons, you can now learn violin from the comfort of your home in online lessons or a Hybrid of remote and in-person settings. Video platforms supported include Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet, etc. 

About the Lesson

I believe that music education should be positive, engaging, and inspiring. I am committed to delivering high-quality instruction in a professional and friendly environment, customizing lessons to your individual needs. My goal is to foster a love for the violin in my students while helping them build confidence, discipline and passion.

My teaching approach combines a foundation in classical technique with a diverse range of musical styles including folk, pop, and others. I incorporate Suzuki Method but supplement with other schools of pedagogy. During our lessons, we will work on various aspects of violin playing, including proper posture, bowing technique, hand positions, intonation, vibrato, sight-reading, music theory, and interpretation. I believe in fostering a well-rounded musician, so we will also explore music history, musicality, and performance skills to enhance your overall musical understanding and expression.


Each lesson is thoughtfully structured to suit your skill level and personal goals. We will typically start with scales and etudes to study assorted technical topics before moving on to pieces and repertoire. At the end, I clearly outline the assignment for the week and give detailed instruction for efficient and effective daily practice.


  1. My studio is founded on the principles of respect, inclusion, and kindness. 

  2. Lessons will be scheduled month by month. Payment is due at the first lesson of the month unless individual arrangements are made. 

  3. Cancellations will be made at least 12 hours in advance in order to reschedule. Lessons cancelled less than 12 hours in advance will not be made up. 

  4. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: All students under 18 will be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the first 2 months of lessons. For beginners, and students under age 11, parents will participate in the lesson to aid in practice at home. This includes taking notes, learning how to practice, and writing down assignments.

  5. Minimum of 2 lessons per month.

  6. Students are responsible for their own materials including violin, shoulder rest, sheet music/books, pencil, and notebook. 

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